Alcojet Detergent for Washers

Alconox Alcojet Detergent for Washers is a non-ionic, low-foaming cleaner that will not damage washer parts. Its corrosion-inhibited formula is recommended for glassware, metals, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, rubber, and fiberglass.

The detergent is provided in a concentrated powder form: dilute 1:200 before use. USDA authorized; FDA certified.

Key Features

  • For glassware washers, parts washers, power-spray systems, and manual/automatic ultrasonic cleaners
  • No fragrance or dyes – reliable results without interfering residues
  • Free rinsing and biodegradable

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Alcojet® Dishwashing Powder Detergent 25 lb Each
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Alcojet® Dishwashing Powder Detergent 4 lb Each
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