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Ahlstrom 542 Cotton Fiber Pleated Filter Papers

Ahlstrom 542 Cotton Fiber Pleated Filter Papers are a fluted/pre-pleated version of Grade 642, a 2µm medium speed standard grade qualitative filter. It has a finer particle retention than Grade 601 but with slightly lower filtration speed and a higher absorption. Grade 642 is also found in agricultural and environmental laboratories for plant growth trials, soil testing, and air analysis for monitoring specific contaminants and in the filtration of organic sulfide precipitants.

Key Features

  • Retention: 2.0µm
  • Filtration Speed: 229 sec/100mls (Herzberg), 30 mls/min (Rapidity)
  • Medium Loading Capacity
  • Equivalent to Grade 2
Item Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
18.5 cm Pack of 100
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