Agate Mortars and Pestle Sets

These Agate Mortars and Pestle Sets are octagonal mortar and pestle sets are polished and free of imperfections to minimize sample loss and contamination. Perfect for grinding or crushing even the hardest materials and samples of unknown compositions.

Key Features

  • Thick-walled for excellent durability
  • Agate material is nonreactive and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale
  • Highly-polished grinding surfaces

Item Mortar ODxH Pestle Length Unit of Measure Price Purchase
95 mm x 40 mm 95 mm Each
In Stock
50 mm x 25 mm 50 mm Each
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65 mm x 25 mm 65 mm Each
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75 mm x 30 mm 75 mm Each
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150 mm x 65 mm 150 mm Each
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125 mm x 50 mm 125 mm Each
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