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96-Well PCR® Cooler

Heathrow Scientific 96-Well PCR Coolers feature a modern patented design that cools faster in freezers and stays cold longer on the benchtop. Each cooler maintains the entire 96-well plate at a temperature of 0°C (with 2 hours pre-cooling at -20°C) for over an hour and a sample temperature of less than 5°C for up to three hours (with lid off). When the temperature ceiling of 6°C has been exceeded, users are signaled by a contrasting color change of the cooler or a single well.

These coolers fit the industry standard format 0.2mL and 0.5 mL PCR® tubes, strips, and single format as well as most 96 well plates, in both standard and low profile well shape. Patented lid design provides seamless storage and transport by securely covering the PCR® samples from the freezer to the benchtop. The innovative lid slides out, rotates 180°, and then becomes a convenient stand the cooler will sit on.

Key Features

  • Maintains sample temperature of 0° for over an hour
  • Patented modern design cools faster and stay cool longer
  • Better alternative than ice baths as dry incubation reduces the risk of contamination
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to -80°C (-112°F)
  • Freeze cooler in an upright position enabling cold storage of tubes
  • Well design prohibits the freezing of samples
  • Fully sealed and sonic welded cooler keeps coolant contained offering worry-free usage
  • Safe space with compact footprint and stacking ability
  • Lid is ambidextrous; it can be switched to accommodate left- or right-hand orientation and is detachable
  • Robust cooler made from engineered polypropylene and the lid is made from polycarbonate
  • 3”L x 5.8”W x 1.9”H
  • Two-Year Warranty
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Assorted - 1EA of 120727 & 120728 Pack of 2
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Warm color - Pink Cold Color - Purple Pack of 2
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Warm color - Light Blue Cold Color - Dark Blue Pack of 2
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