Tile-Top Mats

Wearwell Tile-Top Mats are smooth-surfaced ergonomic mats that are all different in their applications. The UltraSoft Tile-Top AM uses a Nitricell® AM made of Nitrile rubber. This enhanced sponge combines comfort and anti-microbial agents to inhibit the growth of organic contaminants.

The Anti-Microbial wear layer is added to a PVC surface, a clean and economical sponge, which increases durability in addition to reducing contaminants due to organic matter. This composite sponge is also designed and formulated for crush-resistance and superior performance. With low flammability and a distinct surface that contributes to the mat's longevity, Tile Top Mats can be relied upon in commercial and manufacturing settings and in varying dimensions to fit very large work spaces.

Wearwell is the only matting company to further the scientific proof and beneficial results of standing on an ergonomic mats vs. hard floor surfaces. These anti-fatigue, comfortable mats are proven to reduce physical stress in the body, and the ergonomically correct technology and nitrile rubber have a positive impact on workers health, wellness, and most importantly, productivity.

Key Features

  • Anti-fatigue floor matting that is fully anti-microbial
  • Mats can be customized to any width to fit necessary spaces
  • Manufacturer offers a four year warranty

Specifications for Tile-Top Mats
Area of Use All dry work areas
Compound PVC surface
Warranty 4 Years
Slip Resistance Four Stars
Ease of Maintenance Four Stars
Resilience/Crush Resistance Four Stars
Modular/Unique Configurations No
Cut Lengths Available Yes
Thickness 7/8"
Green Rating n/a
Related Products n/a
Area of Use All dry work areas

Item Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2 x 3" Each
In Stock
3" x 5" Each
In Stock

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