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Terminal Broken Glass Bench-Top Keeper

The Terminal Broken Glass Bench-Top Keeper decreases the risk of injury from non-biohazardous broken glass and other sharp objects by segregating them from other waste. The Bench-Top Keeper safely collects all types of broken glass and shards. For convenience, this container is designed to be used right at the work station. It is prominently marked with broken glass symbols for identification. When the container is full, securely close it using the interlocking tabs on the lid and dispose of according to facility instructions.

The Bench Top Keeper is made of sturdy, plastic-lined paperboard and contains moderate amounts of liquid. These handy containers ship and store flat, saving valuable storage space and fold together easily for use. The Whitney Broken Glass Keeper also comes in a floor model version designed for broken glass disposal in central collection areas. The unit is fully autoclavable and disposable.

Key Features

  • The unit decreases injuries by collecting non-biohazardous broken glass
  • Made of sturdy, plastic-lined paperboard
  • Contains moderate amounts of fluid to store the glass shards
  • Safely ships and stores flat, saving valuable space
  • Broken glass symbols for identification

Item Product Description Capacity Dimensions Manf No. Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Bench-Top Model 3 liters 6" W x 6" L x 10" H BH2004 Case of 50
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Floor Model 63 liters 12" W x 12" H x 27" H BH2008 Case of 6
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