Pall Magnetic Filter Funnels 47 mm

Pall Life Sciences Magnetic Filter Funnels 47 mm are patented, no-leak magnetic seal on these magnetic filter funnels allows one-handed operation and eliminates the need for the old-fashion aluminum clamps. Sturdy and safe polyphenylsulphone construction provides durability and added safety at a cost less than most glass funnels.

The stem can be fit through a standard one-hole #8 rubber stopper (not included) for use with a 1000 mL filter flask. Units are graduated in 50 mL increments and include a polyphenylsulphone support screen. Funnel EF8452CC also includes lid. May be repeatedly autoclaved at 121°C (provided nonsterile).

Key Features
  • Compatible with many solvents
  • Forceps access point for easier filter retrieval
  • Three sizes for easy fit into small autoclaves or filtration of larger samples 

Item Includes Lid Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
No 500 mL Each
9 In Stock 9 In Stock
Yes 300 mL Each
5 In Stock 5 In Stock
No 150 mL Each
3 In Stock 3 In Stock
No 300 mL Each
13 In Stock 13 In Stock

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