Pall Magnetic Filter Funnels 47 mm

Pall Life Sciences Magnetic Filter Funnels 47 mm are patented, no-leak magnetic seal on these magnetic filter funnels allows one-handed operation and eliminates the need for the old-fashion aluminum clamps. Sturdy and safe polyphenylsulphone construction provides durability and added safety at a cost less than most glass funnels.

The stem can be fit through a standard one-hole #8 rubber stopper (not included) for use with a 1000 mL filter flask. Units are graduated in 50 mL increments and include a polyphenylsulphone support screen. Funnel EF8452CC also includes lid. May be repeatedly autoclaved at 121°C (provided nonsterile).

Key Features
  • Compatible with many solvents
  • Forceps access point for easier filter retrieval
  • Three sizes for easy fit into small autoclaves or filtration of larger samples 

Item Capacity Includes Lid Unit of Measure Price Purchase
500 mL No Each
In Stock In Stock
300 mL Yes Each
3 In Stock 3 In Stock
150 mL No Each
In Stock In Stock
300 mL No Each
In Stock In Stock

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