Gilson Pipetman Neo Starter Kits

These Gilson Pipetman Neo Starter Kits contain three different Gilson Pipetman pipettes with certificate, pipette tips, three single pipet holders, three Jimmy™ microtube openers, inspection poster, identification stickers, a "Two Minute Pipette Inspection" chart and a Gilson Guide to Pipetting. Choose from two different kits:

Pipetman Neo Starter Kit contains the Pipetman Neo P20N (0.2 µL), P200N (20 µL), and P1000N (100 µL) pipettes and 2 racks of certified-quality Diamond D200 and D1000 tips.

Pipetman Neo PCR Starter Kit contains the Pipetman Neo P10N (1 µL),, P100N (10 µL),, and P1000N (100 µL) and 3 racks of certified-quality Diamond DFL10ST, DF100ST and DF1000ST tips.

Pipetman Neo air-displacement pipettes are fully adjustable, fixed-volume pipettes with an ergonomic design that can reduce repetitive stress injuries by up to 50%.

Gilson products are only available to domestic customers.

Key Features

  • Three fixed-volume Pipetman Neo pipettes, plus everything else you need to fast track liquid handling start-up
  • Save more than 10% over the cost of buying the components individually

Item Included Pipette Tips- racks of 96 tips Included_Pipettes Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase