BackSpring Microcentrifuge Tubes

These BackSpring Microcentrifuge Tubes  have been designed to reduce repetitive stress syndrome caused by repeatedly opening and closing microcentrifuge tubes. The unique design allows the user to open the tube from the back (versus the traditional front open style). The tube snaps open when pressure is applied to the back of the cap; enabling quick, comfortable opening and closing of the lid.

Tubes are constructed from homopolymer plastic and will withstand boiling, freezing to -90 ºC and centrifugation at speeds of up to 30,000 x g. They include easy-to-read graduations and a frosted writing surface. Top is easily pierceable. RNase/DNase-free.

Key Features

  • Back-style opening helps reduce repetitive stress injuries
  • “Pivot” tube opening mechanism snaps open when pressure is applied