Yamato SW62 Fully-Automatic Laboratory Washer

Compact and powerful automatic benchtop washer with spin table helps reduce laboratory glassware cleaning workload.

Key Features

  • All processes from wash to rinse are fully automatic. Each process is displayed on indicator
  • Final rinse (option) with purified water available
  • Water purifier connection is possible for pure water rinse process
  • Wash process and time can be set according to glassware shape and contamination level
  • Cleaning water temperature impacts the final cleaning results. With built-in water heater, no boiler piping and water heating system are required
  • Powerful upward and downward tow-way pressurized water jet method
  • Optional jet rack is available for hard to clean targets, such as glassware with narrow neck or body

Model AW47
Cleaning method
Upward and downward two-way pressurized water jet method,
Rotating jet nozzles (fixed when using jet rack)
Washing water temp. Room temp. ~ 60°C
Water heater Built-in heater 1kW, room temperature to 60°C
Supply water pressure 0.1~0.3MPa
Glassware stand Table (Standard), racks (optional)
Water supply Electromagnetic valve open/close
Water drain Natural drainage by water level gap
Exterior material Chrome-free electric galvanized steel plate, chemical-resistant paint
Interior material Stainless steel
External dimensions* W450 x D490 x H875mm
Internal dimensions W420 x D450 x H570mm
Pump 200W
Spin table Dia. 420mm
Door Drop down style
Weight ~43kg
Power source (50/60Hz) AC115V 13A / 220V 7A with external transformer
Included accessories
1 pc. water supply hose (with coupler) 2m, 1 pc. drain hose (I.D.25.4mm)
1.5m,1 pc. vinyl cover, water supply unit
Consumable Phosphorus-free detergent
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AW62 Fully-Automatic Benchtop Laboratory Washer for Glassware Each
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