Yamato SK101C/111C Sterilizer

Sterilizer with an 18L chamber for research processes and areas that are limited in space. High pressure steam is the most widely used method for sterilization due to its speed, reliability, and effectiveness. Newly designed small capacity sterilizers provide a safe, reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a self-contained unit that is particularly easy to use. This sterilizer is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Key Features

  • Operating temperature: 50°C to 126°C
  • Maximum operational pressure: 0.142MPa
  • Benchtop size- 18L
  • Powerful 1500W pipe heater
  • Easy to read 4 digit LED display
  • Built in Drain Valve for easy cleaning
  • Programmable sterilizing and temperature functions
  • Timer setting range: 0 to 999 min
  • Space saving
  • Water level detection sensor with alarm
  • Overheat protection sensor
  • Lid closer sensor (inter lock)
  • Pressure lamp indicator
  • Increased chamber wall thickness (2mm)
  • Improved silicon lid gasket
Item Power- 50/60 Hz Temp. Range Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
115V, 15A with plug 50° to 126°C 18L Each
In Stock
220V, 9A no plug, round terminal 50° to 126°C 18L Each
In Stock

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