Yamato DN-Series Inert Ovens

Inert oven suitable for temperature test and heat treatment in a non-oxidizing environment, by introducing N2 gas into chamber.

Key Features

  • Operating Temperature: Room temp +15° to 360°C
  • Heat resistance test and heat treatment of up to 360°C
  • Simple operation by interactive key input
  • Standard equipped with various operation modes such as program operation and calibration offset function, power failure recovery mode selection, and user configuration information saving
  • Repeatable operation function up to maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns controller with repeat function
  • N2 gas flow amount controllable
  • Enhanced safety countermeasure, including self-diagnostic functions, digital setting independent overheat prevention device, and electric leakage breaker

Item Temp. Range Capacity Price Purchase
Ambient +15°C to 360°C 95L
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Ambient +15°C to 360°C 223L
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