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Yamato DKN-Series Forced Convection Ovens

From $2,496.95
List Price From $2,797.00

Standard forced air convection overs are programmable and come with extended functions and safety features.

Key Features

  • Bestseller based on excellent performance and affordability
  • Superior temperature accuracy
  • DKN302C/315C/402C/412C/602C/612C comes with observation windows
  • Programmable PID controller for easy program settings: 30-Step, 3-pattern program controller with repeat functions
  • Fixed setting, programmed, Quick Auto stop, Auto stop, and Auto start operating modes with easy control capabilities
  • Increased safety and self-diagnostic functions
  • Over-heating prevention and calibration off-set are possible with auxiliary functions
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Built-in exhaust ports
Model DKN302C DKN312C DKN402C DKN412C DKN602C DKN612C DKN812C DKN912C
Circulation method Forced air circulation
Operating temp. range Room temp. +10°C~260°C
Room temp. +10°C~210°C
Temp. adjustment accuracy ±1°C (at 210°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy ±2.5°C (at 210°C)
Max. temp. reaching time ~90 min.
~60 min.
Interior/Exterior material Stainless steel / Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat insulating material Glass wool
Heater SUS pipe heater/0.8kW SUS pipe heater/1.2kW SUS pipe heater/1.5kW SUS pipe heater/1.5kWx2 SUS pipe heater/1.8kWx2
Fan Type / Fan Motor Scirocco fan, Condenser type motor 10W
1pc / 30W 2pc / 10W
Cable hole 30mm I.D. (on the right side) 1pc.
Exhaust port 30mm I.D. x 2 (on top)
30mm I.D.×2 (the back)
Observation window 180×180mm Chemical strengthening glassx3 250 x 280mm Chemical strengthening glass x3
Temp. controller 3 patterns program controller, PID control by microprocessor
Temp. setting method Digital setting by ?/? key
Temp. display Measurement temp. : Digital display by green LED / Setting temp. : Digital display by red LED
Timer 1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs. 50 min. with timer wait function
Operation function Fixed temperature operation, Program operation, Auto start, Auto stop, Quick Auto-stop
Program mode Program operation : 3 patterns, 30 steps (30 steps×1, 15 steps×2, 10 steps×3) Pattern repeat function
Additional functions Calibration off-set function, Key lock, Uninterruptible power for memory
Heater circuit control SSR control
Sensor K-thermocouple
Safety device
Self diagnostic functions (temp. sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, SSR- short, Automatic overheating prevention), Key lock function, Overheat prevention,
Electric leakage breaker with over current protection
Internal dimensions W×D×H 300×300×300 mm 450×450×450 mm 600×500×500 mm 600×500×1000 mm 1070×500×1000 mm
External dimensions W×D×H 410×451×670 mm 560×601×820 mm 710×651×870 mm 710×651×1608 mm 1180×651×1616 mm
Internal capacity 27L 90L 150L 300L 535L
Shelf plate with standard load ~15kg/piece
Shelf rest step number / Shelf rest pitch 9 steps / 30mm 11 steps / 30mm 13 steps / 30mm 29 steps / 30mm 29 steps x 2 / 30mm
Power source 50/60Hz 115V  (with plug) 220V (no plug) 115V (with plug) 220V (no plug) 115V (with plug) 220V (no plug) 220V (no plug) 220V (no plug)
Weight ~35kg ~50KG ~65kg ~110kg ~190kg
Included accessories Shelf and brackets (stainless steel plate, 1 pc. on the bottom screwed, 2 pcs. for DKN912C)
Shelf plate / bracket 2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
4 pcs. / 8 pcs. 8 pcs. / 16 pcs.
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Cat # Temp. Range Capacity Power- 50/60 Hz Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Ambient +10°C to 260°C 27L 220V, 4.5A no plug, round terminal
Ships By: 4/17/2020
  • $2,496.95
  • List: $2,797.00
Ambient +10°C to 260°C 90L 220V, 6.5A no plug, round terminal
Ships By: 4/17/2020
  • $2,615.95
  • List: $2,930.00
Ambient +10°C to 260°C 150L 115V, 12.5A with plug
Ships By: 4/22/2020
  • $3,225.95
  • List: $3,619.00
Ambient +10°C to 260°C 150L 220V, 7A no plug, round terminal
Ships By: 4/17/2020
  • $3,112.95
  • List: $3,487.00
Ambient +10°C to 260°C 27L 115V, 7.5A with plug
Ships By: 4/17/2020
  • $2,496.95
  • List: $2,797.00
Ambient +10°C to 210°C 535L 220V, 18A no plug, round terminal
Ships By: 4/17/2020
  • $9,872.95
  • List: $11,059.00
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