Yamato DES/DTS830 Clean Ovens

Key Features

  • Operating Temperature: RT+30° to 260°C (DES830); RT+30° to 360°C (DTS830)
  • Improved visibility and operability of control panel
  • Stable cleanliness through forced circulation with rear exhaust
  • Displays power consumption, CO2 emissions and heater manipulated variables on the control panel
  • Incorporates a maximum of 99 steps, 99 patterns program controller with repeat function
  • Offers several options such as recorder, manual/auto damper, N2 gas introducer with flow meter and emergency switch
  • DES830 convertible to high performance filter type maintaining Class 100 at stable and fluctuating temperature up to a maximum of 200°C
Item Temp. Range Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Ambient +30°C to 260°C 327L Each
In Stock
Ambient +30°C to 360°C 327L Each
In Stock

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