Yamato DE411/611; DT411/611 Clean Ovens

The Yamato DE & DT Class 100 forced convection cleanroom ovens feature advanced temperature control and uniformity for temperature testing in a dust-free environment. Rely on the DE & DT mechanical clean room ovens to carry out unmatched drying, sterilization, or any heating applications that require a temperature range of up to 360°C.


  • Improved visibility and operability with its V type controller
  • Displays power consumption, CO₂ emissions and heater manipulated variables on the control panel
  • Adopts anti-fouling casters which prevents wheel contamination during transportation
  • Improved visibility of HEPA filter replacement timing by three color indication
  • Enhanced safety with its phase-reversal relay detecting incorrect power source at installation
  • Lower equipment height compared to previous models (DE/DT411 approximately ~200 mm shorter)
  • Larger cable port from φ30mm to φ33mm
  • Improved optional accessories and more customization options

Model DE411 DE611 DT411 DT611
Circulation method Forced convection
Operating temp. range Room temperature +30 to 260°C Room temperature +30 to 360°C
Temp. control accuracy ±0.3°C at 260°C ±0.3°C at 360°C
Temp. fluctuation ±0.5°C at 260°C ±0.5°C at 360°C
Temp. distribution accuracy ±2.5°C at 260°C ±4.0°C at 360°C
Temp. gradient ±10.0°C at 260°C ±20.0°C at 360°C
Max. temp. reaching time ~70 mins. ~80 mins.
Clean level Class100 (when temperature is stable)
Interior/Exterior material Stainless steel / Cold rolled steel plate with melamine resin baking finish
Heat insulating material Glass wool
Door Single side left swing
Heater Stainless steel pipe heater
Fan type Sirocco fan, Condenser motor 400W
Differential pressure meter Analog type (0 ~ 300Pa)
Cable port/ Exhaust port Inner diameter: 33mm×1 (right side) / Outer diameter 61mm
Filter Heat resistant HEPA filter (dust-collection efficiency >99.97% up to 0.3µm particle filtering)
Caster wheels / adjuster Free swivel caster wheels without stopper / level adjuster (2 at front)
Temp. control
setting method
PID V control / Digital setting with ?/? keys
Temp. display system Top screen: green 4-digit digital LED (resolution 1°C), Bottom screen: orange 5-digit digital LED (resolution 1°C)
Other indications LED indicates temperature patterns for heating/stabilizing/cooling
Operation functions
Constant temperature operation, Programmed operation (Maximum 99 steps, up to 99 patterns, repeat operation function),
Duration/time select operation function (auto start/auto stop/quick auto stop, program operation)
Additional functions
Variable fan speed, Accumulated on time, operation time function (up to 65,535 hours); calibration offset; accumulated power
consumption monitoring,total CO2 emission monitoring, heater output monitoring; power recovery; setting data save 
Sensor K type Thermocouple dual sensor (temperature control and independent overheat prevention device sensors)
Heater control Triac with zero-cross control
Safety device
Self-diagnostic functions (Detection for Temp. Sensor Failure, Triac Short Circuit, Automatic overheating prevention, Fan motor failure detection,
Heater Line Disconnect, Main Relay Contact Damage), Earth leakage breaker, Key Lock Function, Independent overheating prevention device,
Phase reversal relay, Door switch
Earth leakage breaker 15A 20A
Door switch Door open: fan motor and heater circuit off, Door close: fan motor and heater circuit on
Internal WxDxH 450×450×450 mm 600×600×600 mm 450×450×450 mm 600×600×600 mm
External WxDxH 700×1025×1570 mm 850×1175×1720 mm 700×1025×1570 mm 850×1175×1720 mm
Internal capacity 91L / 3.21 cu. ft. 216L / 7.62 cu.ft. 91L / 3.21 cu. ft. 216L / 7.62 cu.ft.
Weight ~200 kg / ~441 lbs. ~270 kg / ~596 lbs. ~200 kg / ~441 lbs. ~270 kg / ~596 lbs.
Shelf rest / pitch 12 steps / 30mm 17 steps / 30mm 12 steps / 30mm 17 steps / 30mm
Withstand load of shelf ~30 kg / shelf
Power supply 50/60Hz
220V 3 phase 7A 220V 3 phase 10A 220V 3 phase 14A
Included accessories Shelf and brackets
Shelf plate / bracket 2 pcs. / 4 pcs. 3 pcs. / 6 pcs. 2 pcs. / 4 pcs. 3 pcs. / 6 pcs.
Item Capacity Temp. Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
216L Ambient +30°C to 260°C Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
216L Ambient +30°C to 360°C Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
91L Ambient +30°C to 260°C Each
Contact customer service for ETA In Stock
91L Ambient +30°C to 360°C Each
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