Yamato DE411/611; DT411/611 Clean Ovens

The Yamato DE & DT Class 100 forced convection cleanroom ovens feature advanced temperature control and uniformity for temperature testing in a dust-free environment. Rely on the DE & DT mechanical clean room ovens to carry out unmatched drying, sterilization, or any heating applications that require a temperature range of up to 360°C.

Key Features

  • Improved visibility and operability with its V type controller
  • Displays power consumption, CO2 emissions and heater manipulated variables on the control panel
  • Adopts anti-fouling casters which prevents wheel contamination during transportation
  • Improved visibility of HEPA filter replacement timing by three color indication
  • Enhanced safety with its phase-reversal relay detecting incorrect power source at installation
  • Lower equipment height compared to previous models (DE/DT411 approximately ~200 mm shorter)
  • Larger cable port from φ30mm to φ33mm
  • Improved optional accessories and more customization options

Item Temp. Range Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Ambient +30°C to 260°C 216L Each
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Ambient +30°C to 360°C 216L Each
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Ambient +30°C to 260°C 91L Each
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Ambient +30°C to 360°C 91L Each
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