Yamato BOA-Series Oil Bath

Large capacity 37L oil bath with temperature control of up to 200/270°C

Key Features

  • Operating Temperature: Room temp +10°C to 200°C (BOA200)
  • Operating Temperature: Room temp +10°C to 270°C (BOA310)
  • High temperature distribution accuracy by adopting jet stirring
  • Advanced supportive functions: standard quipped with external alarm output, temperature output terminal (4-20mA, 1-5V adjustable), RS485 communication function, key lock function, calibration offset function
  • 3 overheating preventers (heater cut off automatically when reaching setting temperature + 6°C, overheating preventer, individual overheating preventer)
  • Standard equipped with emergency stop switch – forces cut off of the overcurrent circuit in case of emergency
  • Float switch for empty boil prevention
  • Float switch for oil overflow prevention
  • Glass control panel protect from liquid dropping
  • Large operation lamp lighting during operation for attention
  • Self-diagnostic function overheat prevention device, over current leakage breaker, key function, power failure compensation function

Item Power- 50/60 Hz Temp. Range Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
220V, 21A Ambient +10°C to 270°C 37L Each
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115V, 18A / 220V, 10A Ambient +10°C to 200°C 37L Each
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