Yamato BF-Series Temperature Control Device

Multi-function immersion thermostatic device for various usage, with improved performance, operability and safety

Performance and functions

  • Four models including basic model with only fixed temperature operation and multi-function models with segment programming function, external output and external communication function
  • Water jet strength can be adjusted in 10 patterns
  • Temperature preset function enables memory and read out of temperature
  • BF601 can be used for water or oil
  • No protrusions, easy to set-up

Safety features

  • Self-diagnostic functions, circuit protector, water level detection sensor and buzzer alarm for errors

Model BF201 BF401 BF501 BF601
Type Basic Multi-function
Oil/water compatible
Temp. setting range -20~90°C*¹
Temp. control range RT+5~80°C*²
Temp. control accuracy ±0.05~0.1°C*4 ±0.02~0.5°C*4
Stirring Propeller Water jet
Stainless pipe heater
Temp. control system PID control by microprocessor
Temp. setting Digital setting by up/down keys
Temp. display
Measured/target temp. display: green 4-digit LED digital display
Digital 7 segment display (Resolution: 0.1°C)
Target temperature display: orange 4-digit LED digital display(Resolution: 0.1°C, 1°C for BF601)
Measured temperature display: green 4-digit LED digital display(Resolution: 0.1°C, 1°C for BF601
Timer --- 1min. to 99hrs.59min. and 100hrs. to 999hrs.
Timer resolution --- 1min. and 1hr.
Operation functions Fixed temperature
Fixed temperature, Quick auto stop, Auto start, Repeat function
Program operation: 3 patterns 10 steps
Additional functions
Temperature presetting (10 pts) Temperature presetting (10 points), Calibration offset, Keypad lock, Auto resume
External output terminal*6: temp. output, External alarm output,
Time-up output, External communication
Heater circuit Triac zero-cross type
Sensor Platinum resistance temperature detector (Pt100)
Safety device
Self-diagnostics function (power supply frequency error, controller failure detection, sensor failure detection, heater interruption detection, triac (SSR)
short circuit detection, main relay contact failure, automatic overheat prevention, measured temperature error detection),
Independent overheat prevention device (IOPD), Circuit protector, Float level detection
External dimension*8 W140 x D138 x H312mm
Weight ~7 kg
Clamp available thickness Up to 35mm
Power source 50/60Hz AC115V/AC220V Single phase with external transformer
Included accessory Testing bath model BY100 (Polypropylene)
Item Product Description Temp. Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Multi-Function Model with External Output Terminal -20.0°C to 90°C Each
In Stock
Basic Model -20.0°C to 90°C Each
In Stock
Oil/Water Compatible Model 0°C to 200°C Each
In Stock
Multi-Function Model -20.0°C to 90°C Each
In Stock

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