Weber Scientific MegaSampler Sampling Device

From $87.95

Make environmental surface sampling faster and easier with the Weber Scientific MegaSampler Sampling Device. A pre-moistened sponge, with 10 mL of DE Neutralizing Broth of 10 mL of Letheen Broth, individually wrapped in a reusable sample bag, is secured to the sampling handle using a unique design that enhances sampling efficacy.

Key Features

  • Twice the sampling surface
  • Sampling tip for hard to reach places
  • Sponge is held in place without glue or chemicals
  • Sponge is easy to separate from handle
  • Biofilm scraping blade incorporated into the handle design
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Cat # Description Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
MegaSampler with 10 mL of DE Neutralizing Broth
  • $143.95
MegaSampler with 10 mL of Leetheen Broth
  • $143.95
Dry Sampling Sponge (stick not included); Sterile; Individually Wrapped
  • $87.95
MegaSampler with 10 mL of Neutralizing Broth
  • $143.95
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