WaterWorks Water Test Strips

WaterWorks Water Test Strips are much easier and quicker than testing that involves counting drops of a solution or waiting for laboratory results. No sample preparation or chemical additions are required prior to testing. These tests offer reproducible results with good sensitivity.

Tests are packaged in bottles of 50 strips.

Key Features

  • Strips are formulated for water quality testing in both lab and field
  • Tests provide results in just seconds

Item Range- mg/L Test Test Time Unit of Measure Price Purchase
0 to 25 ppm Free Chlorine 5 seconds Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
1 to 120 ppm Free Chlorine 32 seconds Each
In Stock
0 to 1000 ppm Total Hardness 3 seconds Each
In Stock
0 to 10 ppm Total Chlorine 15 seconds Each
In Stock

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