PYREX VISTA Reusable Volumetric Pipets

From $110.95
PYREX VISTA Reusable Volumetric Pipets are manufactured to Class A capacity tolerances as indicated by ASTM E-969. PYREX VISTA glassware is an economical option for the customer who is willing to forgo the premium benefits of PYREX products. They are easily recognized by the blue graduations and novel marking spot.

Key Features

  • Class A capacity tolerance
  • Made with economically priced PYREX VISTA glassware
  • Color-Coded
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Cat # Capacity Color Code Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
10mL Red
  • $123.95
5mL White
  • $110.95
1mL Blue
  • $110.95
2mL Orange
  • $110.95
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