Visi-Blue Transilluminators

UVP Visi-Blue Transilluminators are designed for use with GFP stains. As compared to UV, the blue light will transmit through almost any transparent plastic or glass laboratory equipment. This is essential when monitoring and detecting DNA migration and protein expression in real time. Two models are available with surface areas of 21x26cm or 20x40cm. Select from models with 8-watts or 25-watts. Amber covers are included. They block blue light transmission and allow visualization of media above 500nm.

Visi-Blue Transilluminators are UV safe and convert 365nm UV to 460-470nm blue light for use with various stains including GFP stains. New electronic ballast and cutting-edge construction offer fast lamp startup, longer lamp life, improved gel visualization and increased ultraviolet output and intensity.

Two year warranty.

Key Features

  • Visi-Blue Transilluminators can be used with GFP stains
  • Blue light transmits through most every transparent equipment
  • They are ideal for monitoring DNA migration and protein expression
  • Two models are available with different surface areas

Item Filter Size Intensity Style Model No. Power Wavelength Unit of Measure Price Purchase
21x26cm Variable VB-26V 8 watt 460-470nm Each
In Stock
20x40cm Variable VB-40V 25 watt 460-470nm Each
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