Velp Overhead Stirrers

These Velp Overhead Stirrers are a complete range of overhead stirrers with a technopolymer structure. They are ideal for premium resistance to acids, bases and solvents.  Many reliable solutions are available, according to different requirements in terms of viscosity and volume. All of the models are equipped with a user-friendly self-locking chuck, that simplifies assembly and the gentle start-up ensure optimum progression of the stirring speed. All models have a voltage of 260 Volts.


  • ES- entry-level solutions, ideal for low volumes and low/medium viscosity
  • LS- ideal for medium viscosity and low volumes
  • LH- ideal for medium viscosity liquids and medium volumes
  • PW- ideal for high viscosity and high volumes
  • DLS- ideal for medium viscosity liquids with a bright and easy-to-read display showing current speed, set speed, torque and time. Comes equipped with a timer allowing unattended operation and SpeedServo™ which allows constant speed even when viscosity changes

Item Max. Stirring Volume Max. Torque Max. Viscosity Model Power Speed- RPM WxHxD- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
40 L 80 Ncm 50;000mPa*s LH 190 W 50-2000 80x230x196 Each
In Stock
15 L 15 Ncm 1;000 mPa*s ES 30 W+IF3:L7 50-1300 80x160x200 Each
In Stock
70 L 120 Ncm 100;000mPa*s PW 190 W 20-1200 80x230x196 Each
In Stock
25 L 40 Ncm 25;000mPa*s LS 120 W 50-2000 80x215x196 Each
In Stock
25 L 40 Ncm 25;000mPa*s DLS 120 W 50-2000 80x215x196 Each
In Stock

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