VELP KjTabs for Digesters

These VELP KjTabs™ for Digesters consist of accurately pre-dosed tables composed of sulfate, to increase the boiling point of sulphuric acid, plus a metal salt such as Copper (Cu), Selenium (Se), or Titanium (Ti) for time saving. Along with catalysts there are also specific antifoaming KjTabs which are fundamental to the good outcome of the analysis since the production of foam tends to reduce the original quantity of the sample during the initial phase of the mineralization process. This can occur in many agricultural samples or fat rich products.

The addition of a suitable catalyst, along with high temperatures, influences the speed and the fficiency of mineralization in Kjeldahl analyses. Achieving the highest level of performance in a wide range of Kjeldahl applications is now possible with VELP’s genuine catalyst tablets. The use of catalysts is now recognized and officially accepted by the major standards such as AOCS, AOAC, AACC, and ISO to accelerate Kjeldahl digestion.

Choose the most effective KjTabs for your application:

VCM – Universally applicable, with a low copper content

VKPC – ideal when a high amount of copper is required

VCT – for tougher samples & even faster digestion

VST – recommended for oily/fatty samples & even faster digestion

VTCT – a scaled down version of VCT

VW – recommended for application based on Wieninger method

VS – antifoam used for foam reduction

Key Features

  • VELP catalyst tablets speed up the digestion
  • Easy to use for all kind of Kjeldahl Digesters
  • Wide choice of catalyst for the majority of samples
  • Effective foam reduction tablets also available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 7 different types of pre-dosed tablets
Item Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
KjTabs VS Antifoam - 0.97 g Na2SO4 + 0.03g Silicone Pack of 1000
In Stock
KjTabs VCM - 3.5g K2SO4 + 0.1g CuSO4 x 5H2O Pack of 1000
In Stock
KjTabs VTCT- 3.5g K2SO4 + 0.105g CuSO4 x 5H2O + 0.105g TiO2 Pack of 1000
In Stock
[ "KjTabs Vct - 1000Pk", "KjTabs VCT- 5g K2SO4 + 0.15g CuSO4 x 5H2O + 0.15g TiO2" ] Pack of 1000
In Stock
KjTabs VW - 4875g Na2SO4 + 0.075g CuSO4 x 5 H2O + 0.050g Se Pack of 1000
In Stock
KjTabs VST- 3.5g K2SO4 + 3.5mg Se Pack of 1000
In Stock
KjTabs VKPC - 4.5g K2SO4 + 0.5g CuSO4 x 5H2O Pack of 1000
In Stock

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