Portable UV Lamps


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UVP Portable UV Lamps can be used across many different industries and research settings such as agricultural, laboratory and biotechnology and criminology research centers, and medical/clinical fields.

The Portable UV Lamps have a built-in lead acid battery maximizing its life. A standard wall outlet can recharge the 26P lamp’s lead acid battery. The UV lamps have two long wave self-filtering tubes, which allow someone to use one or two tubes at a time. This is a feature that gives the user flexibility to use the lamp in the field or indoors.

With a strap handle that runs along the back length of the lamp, the user can use the lamp up right outdoors and see the ground, or rotate the lamp upward.

This superb versatility is another innovative product in UVP’s line of superior product solutions for the Life Sciences.

Key Features

  • Built-in, rechargeable gel-based lead battery available
  • 365nm Longwave 254nm Shortwave options
  • Available in 120V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz; 1.0 Amp rating
  • Strap handle along back to allow for mobility

Specifications for Portable UV Lamps
UV Source: 254nm, 365nm or 365nm/302nm in one lamp
Watts: Six
Power Source: 6V batteries or AC
Dimensions: 5.5L x 3W x 9.8H in. (249 x 76 x 140mm)
Weight: 4 lbs

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Cat # Description Wavelength Power Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
Battery Operated UV Lamps 254 N/A
  • $411.95
  • List: $462.00
Battery Operated UV Lamps 254/365 N/A
  • $411.95
  • List: $462.00
Battery Operated UV Lamps 365 N/A
  • $332.95
  • List: $373.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 254/365 115 VAC, 60 Hz
  • $490.95
  • List: $552.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 254/365 230 VAC, 50Hz
  • $490.95
  • List: $552.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 365 115 VAC, 60 Hz
  • $373.95
  • List: $419.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 365 230 VAC, 50Hz
  • $373.95
  • List: $419.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 254 115 VAC, 60 Hz
  • $477.95
  • List: $537.00
Rechargeable UV Lamps 254 230 VAC, 50Hz
  • $477.95
  • List: $537.00
Cat # Description Unit Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
254nm Replacement Tube
  • $49.95
  • List: $56.00
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