Unger® Sprayer-on-a-Belt Spray Bottle Kit

Convenient kit enables hands-free carrying of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Powerful, any-orientation sprayer features mist and jet settings. Easy-access holster keeps bottle in place until you need it. One-size-fits-all utility belt provides comfortable weight support. Color-coding decals allow you to label bottles for specific tasks.

Key Features

  • Convenient hands-free carrying.
  • Powerful, any-orientation sprayer.
  • Easy-access holster.
  • Provides comfortable weight support.
  • Color-coding decals.

Item Capacity Material Package Includes Color Unit of Measure Price Purchase
33.000 oz Plastic Includes one kit of one bottle, one sprayer, one holster and one set of color-coding decals each Gray/White/Translucent Each
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