Ultraviolet Crosslinker

This UVP Ultraviolet Crosslinker device has a small footprint for bench top use. It features preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposure. Preset exposure delivers 120,000 micro joules or five minutes of exposure.

The built-in microprocessor measures and controls UV output to ensure maximum energy efficiency. A large LED display and touch panel displays time or energy settings. Overhead UV supplies uniform UV.

The window on the door allows for viewing of the process while blocking UV radiation. Models with 302nm mid-range UV, 365nm longwave UV or 254nm shortwave UV are offered. The shortwave UV model is available with a choice of door (CL-1000) or drawer (CX-2000) styles.

The built-in UV sensor is calibrated at the UVP factory to ensure accuracy and reliability. Crosslinking can be done for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane. This takes just takes seconds compared to oven baking. Crosslinkers include five 8-watt tubes. Crosslinkers are available in either 254 nm, 302 nm, or 365 nm UV.

Key Features

  • Small footprint to conserve bench top space.
  • Ultraviolet and time exposure
  • Preset delivers 120,000 micro joules
  • Built-in UV sensor ensures accuracy
  • Includes five 8-watt tubes

Item Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
365 nm Crosslinker Each
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302 nm Crosslinker Each
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