Trilon Vinyl Exam Gloves

These Trilon Vinyl Exam Gloves are silky and smooth, formulated with a polyvinyl chloride that provides both comfort and tactile sensitivity. A polymer coating makes the glove easy to put on and discard. Using chlorine to manufacturer these gloves allows the surface of the glove to harden through oxidation. Manufacturing the gloves this way eliminates the need for powder. The polymer coating on the glove further reduces the need for powder.

All sizes are available except for extra large and extra small, coming in packages of 100 or cases of 1000. These high tensile strength Trilon® vinyl exam gloves are a reliable choice for medical applications that require frequent disposing and high comfort.

Key Features

  • Both gloves are latex-free with extended comfort
  • Polymer coated gloves make donning easy
  • Cross contamination risks are eliminated with these gloves
  • Gloves come in packages of 100 or cases of 1000, in small, medium, and large

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