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Mettler Toledo XSR Large Excellence Precision Balances

From $5,595.95
List Price From $7,064.00

METTLER TOLEDO XSR Large Platform Precision Balances are ideal when you have high sample throughput and tight deadlines. Even under the toughest conditions, you can rely on XSR to get the job done – quickly and without errors. Weighing methods can be saved in the integrated method library providing fast access to daily tasks and ensuring consistency between users. All results and task parameters are saved automatically to the results notepad and can be easily transferred to a PC via USB or Ethernet. Transcription errors are eliminated. With ease-of-use, fast performance and secure data handling, XSR balances fit comfortably into your workflows.

The new Monobloc™ weighing cell delivers fast and precise results. Integrated overload protection and the full metal housing safeguard the weighing cell and help ensure a long balance lifetime. Placing the display at eye-level on the adjustable ErgoStand™ saves space and eliminates excessive bending of the neck. The touchscreen display simplifies operation and has large, bright figures which are easy to read. XSR precision balances have been designed to withstand harsh chemicals, dust and dirt. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make the whole balance easy to clean.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic operation
  • Error-free data transfer ensures integrity
  • Easy to clean
Specifications for METTLER TOLEDO XSR Large Precision Balances
Material number:30317536303175493031647230316297 3031648130316489
Limit values      
Maximum capacity (full range/fine range):10.1 kg16.1 kg32.1 kg / 6.4 kg32.1 kg16.1 kg32.1 kg
Readability (full range/fine range):0.1 g0.1 g1 g / 0.1 g0.1 g1 g1 g
Repeatability (full range/fine range):80 mg80 mg600 mg / 80 mg80 mg600 mg600 mg
Linearity deviation:200 mg200 mg300 mg300 mg600 mg600 mg
Typical values      
Repeatability (full range/fine range):40 mg40 mg400 mg / 40 mg40 mg400 mg400 mg
Linearity deviation:60 mg60 mg200 mg100 mg400 mg400 mg
Sensitivity offset (test weight):120 mg (10 kg)200 mg (16 kg)320 mg (32 kg)250 mg (32 kg)350 mg (16 kg)650 mg (32 kg)
Minimum weight (5% load, k=2, U=1.0%):8.2 g8.2 g8.2 g8.2 g82 g82 g
USP minimum weight (5% load, k=2, U=0.10%):82 g82 g82 g82 g820 g820 g
Settling time:1.5 s1.5 s1.5 s1.5 s1.2 s1.2 s
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Cat # Capacity Readability Linearity Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
10.1 kg 0.1 g 200 mg
  • $6,296.95
  • List: $7,064.00
16.1 kg 0.1 g 200 mg
  • $7,312.95
  • List: $8,207.00
32.1 kg 0.1 g 300 mg
  • $8,417.95
  • List: $9,445.00
32.1 kg / 6.4 kg 1 g / 0.1 g 300 mg
  • $7,739.95
  • List: $8,683.00
16.1 kg 1 g 600 mg
  • $5,595.95
  • List: $6,279.00
32.1 kg 1 g 600 mg
  • $6,037.95
  • List: $6,775.00
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