Thermo Scientific Biological Indicators

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These Thermo Scientific Biological Indicators provide easy and inexpensive methods to monitor steam sterilizer effectiveness. Indicators verify sterility of instruments, glassware and other products in less time than it takes to send samples to an outside lab.  A color change from purple to yellow indicates an ineffective sterilization process.

B/T Sure Biological Indicators are for instruments, glassware and other applications. They have spore populations of 10c and they comply with current AAMI and ISO standards.

These indicators verify sterility of instruments and other steam-sterilized items in just two days, using a simple three-step process. They offer easy sterilization identification. A purple color ensures sterilization while yellow, cloudy results indicate an ineffective sterilization. Indicators can save up to 60% of the cost of outsourcing complete sterility tests.

Key Features

  • Biological indicators save up to 60% over the cost of outsourcing
  • These indicators accurately monitor steam sterilizer effectiveness
  • These devices can be used for glassware, instruments and other items

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B/T Sure Biological Indicator Vials for Instruments, Glassware
  • $44.95
B/T Sure Biological Indicator Vials for Instruments, Glassware
  • $606.95
Sterilamp II Indicator Vials for Media and Liquid cycles
  • $204.95
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