Nalgene Versi-Dry Lab Soakers

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The Thermo Scientific Nalgene Versi-Dry Lab Soakers are highly absorbent pads contain thousands of Thirsty Cells® that quickly absorb spills. Versi-Dry is available in standard and super absorbencies. Standard absorbs 750 mL of liquid per square meter and Super Versi-Dry absorbs 1,050 mL of liquid per square meter. Use it as a tray, drawer, or shelf liner or to wipe up spills.

Super Versi-Dry has a durable cloth-like top layer that won’t fall apart even when wet. It is strong enough to be used as a floor soaker.

All Versi-Dry products have a polyethylene backing which is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Backing grips the bench top surface for a flat, non-slip work area.

Key Features

  • Quickly absorb spills with its thousands of Thirsty Cells; Versi-Dry absorbs 750 mL of liquid per square meter; Super Versi-Dry absorbs 1,050 mL/m2
  • Cushioned surface minimizes breakage of glass labware when dropped or tipped over
  • Low-pile flat surface provides stability for glassware that is likely to tip
  • Polyethylene backing resists harsh chemicals and protects your benchtop from spills and corrosion
  • Use as a tray, drawer, or shelf liner or to wipe up spills
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