Nalgene Reusable Bottle Top Filters

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Thermo Scientific Nalgene Reusable Bottle Top Filters screw securely onto glass media bottles with 33- or 45mm neck sizes for secure filtration of residues or purification of solutions. The polysulfone plastic housing is resistant to many reagents and the removable membrane support plate is designed to provide maximum flow rate and throughput.

Bottles have a vacuum port connection on the lower half of assembly that accepts 1/4-inch to 5/16-inch I.D. vacuum tubing. Bottles are non-cytotoxic and autoclavable, with molded-in graduations. Key Features
  • More economical and environmentally-friendly than disposable options
  • Removable membrane plate can be used with any membrane
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Cat # Top Cap. Fits Bottle Neck Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
250mL 45mm
  • $174.95
500mL 33mm
  • $230.95
500mL 45mm
  • $228.95
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