Thermal Protection Mat

Thermal Protection Mat are designed to protect laboratory surfaces from heat damage caused by crucibles, glassware, or other labware. The mats are made from glass ceramic. They come in a neutral dark brown color.

Four sizes of mats are available. These include: 4x4”, 6x6”, 9x9”, and 12x12”. The glass ceramic is proven to outperform asbestos pads. They are stain and chemical resistant.

The mats are able to withstand direct flame. Their useable temperature range is -392°F to 1200°F. They are resistant to thermal shock. Corner feet ensure that the heated mat never comes in contact with the counter surface.

Key Features

  • Expensive countertops are protected from heat damage
  • Direct heat contact is avoided thanks to corner feet
  • Protection mats come in four sizes

Item Size Unit of Measure Price Purchase
12x12" Each
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9x9" Each
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