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Yamato SM201 / 211 / 301 / 311 / 501 / 511 Sterilizers

From $7,099.95
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Key Features

  • Operating Temperature: 105° to 123°C (SM201/211); 105° to 128°C (SM301/311/501/511)
  • Maximum Operation Pressure: 0.18 MPa (SM201/211); 0.2 MPa (SM301/311/501/511)
  • Automatic operations from sterilization to drying carried out with an interactive key input system
  • Quick sample drying capability makes samples ready to use right after sterilization
  • Drying temperature can be set according to sample material, quantity, etc.
  • Timer range from 1 to 999 hours
  • Drain bottle water level can be quickly confirmed on the front panel level indicator
  • Drain valve located in front for easy access
  • Absence of protrusions in sterilization chamber makes insertion & removal of baskets, and other items quick and easy
  • Self-diagnostic functions make operation safer and error recovery quicker
  • Condensation collector neutralizes high temperature exhaust steam safely
Model SM201 SM211 SM301 SM311 SM501 SM511
System Automatic high pressure steam sterilization
Operating temperature Sterilization 105 to 123°C 105 to 128°C
Operating temperature Drying 150 to 180°C
Maximum pressure capacity 0.18MPa 0.2MPa
Interior Stainless steel
Heater Sterilization 1.3kW 1.7kW 1.7kW (SM501) 2.0kW (SM511)
Heater Drying 1.0kW 1.5kW
Temp. controller PID control by microprocessor
Temp. display Digital display by green LED and setting via ?? keys
Timer / Timer resolution 1 min. ~ 99 hrs. and 59 min. 100~ 999 hrs. / 1 min. or 1 hr.
Safety Device Self-diagnostic functions (detection sensor error, SSR short circuit, heater disconnect, faulty main relay, dry operation),
safety valve, electric leakage breaker, drain bottle set-fail switch
Internal dimensions ?240 x D445 mm ?300 x D445 mm ?300 x D665 mm
External dimensions WxDxH 410 x 470 x 957 mm 440 x 530 x 968 mm 440 x 530 x 1088 mm
Internal capacity 20L 32L 47L
Power source (50/60Hz single phase) AC115V (with plug) AC220V (no plug) AC115V (no plug) AC220V (no plug) AC115V (no plug) AC220V (no plug)
Weight ~65kg ~80kg ~85kg
Included accessories

2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket
(?205 x D204 mm), OSM-60
2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket
(?262 x D204 mm), OSM-70
2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket
(?262 x D315 mm), OSM-80
Drain board, chemical indicator strips (30 strips), drain bottle, condensation collection container with magnetic bracket
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Cat # Temp. Range Capacity Power- 50/60 Hz Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
105° to 123°C 47L 220V, 9.5A no plug, round terminal
  • $8,352.95
  • List: $9,356.00
105° to 123°C 20L 220V, 7A no plug, round terminal
  • $7,099.95
  • List: $7,953.00
105° to 123°C 20L 115V, 13A with plug
  • $7,099.95
  • List: $7,953.00
105° to 123°C 32L 220V, 9.5A no plug, round terminal
  • $7,516.95
  • List: $8,420.00
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