Stainless Steel Washdown Scales SK-WP

The A&D Stainless Steel Washdown Scales SK-WP offer quick response measurements; LCD read weight displays with a pushbutton taring capability and multiple units of measurement (lb,kg/g). Models have no moving parts that wear out, are dustproof and waterproof (IP65), and are portable despite being constructed of sturdy stainless steel, including a removable watering pan. SK-WPZ models offer displays with decimal & fractional ounce quantities. Non-"Z" models are rated Legal For Trade.

A power-off function turns the power off after approximately five minutes if the scale is left on, and the scale can be easily calibrated manually. A user can also calibrate the scale with weights instead of compensating for the gravity acceleration, and the scale offers different modes of calibration including a re-zero button.

Key Features

  • Large square weighing pan measuring 232mm X 192mm
  • Scales are constructed with a tough stainless steel housing, and a large, clear LCD display
  • Washdown scales have a net weight and stability indicator
  • Sanitary weighing system acceptable for food processing and food service
  • These scales include a manufacturer guaranteed two-year warranty

Item Model Type Readability Capacity Unit of Measure Price Purchase
SK-WP 2 g / 0.005 lb 5000 g / 11 lb Each
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SK-WP 1 g / 0.002 lb 2000 g / 4.4 lb Each
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SK-WP 1 g 5000 g Each
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SK-WP 0.5 g / 0.001 lb 1000 g / 2.2 lb Each
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