Spectrophotometers 73 Series

Techne Spectrophotometers 73 Series offer new and improved spectrophometers to the extensive JENWAY range. The new and improved navigation system is easy and intuitive to use. This new and improved navigation is based of the systems icon driven software.

The 73 series feature measurement modes for absorbance, % transmittance, concentration, spectrum scanning, kinetics and quantitation. Auto-logging capabilities on these new series help save time while using these modes. The home page can also be customized and selected modes restricted, ideal for use during teaching labs.

USB ports in all models make transferring and storing data easy. The operator can either store up to 240 models on a USB drive or transfer these models to another 73 series unit. A new security feature can be used to lock settings and methods preventing unauthorized changes to the instrument settings and method parameters.

Key Features

  • 73 series introduces four new spectrophotometers all with a new and improved navigation system for easy use.
  • All models feature modes for absorbance, % transmittance and concentration with auto-logging capabilities.
  • USB port allows for easy transferring of data from system to system.

Item Attribute Description Light Source Wavelength- nm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
7300 Spectrophotometer Tungsten 320 to 1000 Each
In Stock
7305 Spectrophotometer Xenon 198 to 1000 Each
In Stock
7310 Advanced Spectrophotometer Tungsten 320 to 1000 Each
In Stock

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