Solvent Resistant Pens & Teeny Writers

Diversified Biotech Solvent Resistant Pens & Teeny Writers are excellent for histology and cytology applications.  These pens feature an ultra-permanent ink that resists solvents such as xylene, alcohol, acetone and formalin.  Ink will not bleed onto cassettes, frosted or painted slides or labware, even after sitting in solutions or frequent washing. If needed, markings can be removed with acetic acid, ethanol/xylene mixture, or paraffin.  Testing is advised before use of this pen on multiple surfaces.

The Original Teeny Writer has an extra fine tip and is considered ideal as a general-use lab marker.  Teeny writers are recommended for writing on labware that will not be exposed to caustics or solvents within the lab.

 Comparisons between multiple Teeny Writer pens are as follows:

  • Twin-Tip Too (TNY-TWN2)  is resistant to mild chemicals, and has fine and ultra fine tips
  • Teeny Writer is perfect as a general use lab marker and has an extra fine tip

Key Features

  • Twin Tip Too and Teeny Writers are ideal general lab markers
  • Solvent resistant pens have a 0.6 mm tip
  • Pens feature an ultra-permanent ink that can resist caustics such as xylene, alcohol, acetone, formalin Ink will not bleed onto cassettes or labware even after frequent washing

Item Product Description Tip- mm Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Twin-Tip Black Fine/Ultra Fine (0.7/0.3) Each
2 In Stock 2 In Stock
Teeny Writer Black Extra Fine (0.4) Each
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