Sectional Microscope Slide Cabinets

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These Quincy Lab Sectional Microscope Slide Cabinets are ideal for pathological laboratories, doctors' offices and research institutions that need protected, compact, organized micro-slide storage.

Sturdy and stackable, the cabinet is made of heavy gauge steel with a baked-on enamel finish and is stackable using interlocking tabs. It is compatible with other cabinets on the market and can be stacked interchangeably. A base unit, sold separately, provides solid support for the cabinet and rests on scratch-proof rubber feet. Cabinet and base are available in beige with black phenolic pull knobs.

Each cabinet has six individual drawers and holds up to 5,000 standard 3" x 1" glass slides. Cabinet construction prevents drawers from falling out accidentally, but they can be disengaged for use at a work area. Foam rubber dividers keep slides upright when drawers are partially filled. Identification tabs are included for labeling.

Each slide cabinet is fully inspected before shipment and is packaged using recyclable, biodegradable materials.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 5,000 standard 3 x 1” glass slides
  • Stackable unit made of heavy gauge steel
  • Optional base unit provides solid support for the cabinet
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6-drawer slide cabinet
  • $198.95
Base for stacking cabinets
  • $74.95
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