PYREX Reusable Glass Measuring Pipets

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These Corning PYREX Reusable Glass Measuring Pipets are calibrated to Class A tolerance in accordance with ASTM E-542 and ASTM E-1293. Each pipet is individually serialized and supplied with a Certificate of Identification and Capacity, traceable to NIST standards. Calibrated "To Deliver" (TD) their total capacity without blow-out.

Key Features

  • Calibrated to Class A Tolerances
  • Individually serialized
  • Color-coded by size for easy identification
  • Colored graduations are enameled onto the glass
  • Top end is constricted (Mohr Type)

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Cat # Capacity Graduation Interval Tolerance- mL Additional Features Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
10mL 0.1mL ±0.03mL
  • Color Code: Orange
  • $254.95
  • List: $286.00
5mL 0.1mL ±0.02mL
  • Color Code: Blue
  • $189.95
  • List: $214.00
25mL 0.1mL ±0.05mL
  • Color Code: White
  • $445.95
  • List: $500.00
1mL 0.1mL ±0.01 mL
  • Color Code: White (2)
  • $127.95
  • List: $174.00
2mL 0.1mL ±0.01mL
  • Color Code: White (2)
  • $189.95
  • List: $214.00
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