Sensorex pH3000 Research-Grade pH Refillable Sensor

When accuracy and repeatability are critical, such as in pharmaceutical or drinking water applications, the ideal electrode will quickly deliver stable measurements. The Sensorex pH3000 Research-Grade pH Refillable Sensor is specifically designed to respond quickly and accurately to rapid temperature changes. The high sensitivity internals also make these sensors the best choice for low ionic samples. The double junction reference design prevents contamination, allowing pH testing in samples containing heavy metals, proteins and enzymes, or TRIS buffer.

Key Features

  • High sensitivity internals for temperature responsive measurements
  • Refillable reference for maximum measurement repeatability
  • Double junction design prevents reference contamination
  • Durable Ultem® body
  • Reinforced meter and cable connections
  • Removeable pH glass guard

Specifications for Sensorex pH3000 Research-Grade pH Refillable Sensor
Measurement Range  0-14 pH (low NA+ ion    error)
Response Time  95% in 1 second
Isopotential  7.00 pH
Offset  0.2%
Span  > 97%
Cable Length  Standard - 3ft
Connector  BNC
Diameter  12mm
Length  150mm
Reference  Refillable
Junction Number  Double (2)
Junction Material  Ground Epoxy and pHASE
Reference Solution  3.5. M KCl (liquid)
Glass Shape  Bulb
Body Material  Ultem
Temperature Range  0-100° C
Strain Relief  Yes
BNC Boot  Yes
Bulb Protection  Removable Guard
Item Product Description pH Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
High accuracy, research grade double junction refillable Ultem pH electrode 0 - 14 Each
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