Sensorex pH1400 Light Duty Glass pH Electrode

Sensorex pH1400 Light Duty Glass pH Electrode is ideal for students measuring pH in a laboratory or a business owner monitoring plant or crop health needing consistent accurate measurements. The glass probe is a safe choice for dealing with a wide variety of chemicals or aggressive substances due to the chemically inert properties of glass. This basic, single junction electrode has a refillable reference cell, allowing users to maintain measurement precision throughout the senor lifetime.

Key Features

  • Accurate measurements across full pH scale (0-14)
  • Glass body withstands harsh chemicals
  • Refillable reference for extended working lifetime
  • Use with any meter accepting BNC
  • One-year limited warranty

Specifications for Sensorex pH1400 Light Duty Glass pH Electrode
Measurement Range  0-14 pH (low NA+ ion    error)
Response Time  95% in 1 second
Isopotential  7.00 pH
Offset  0.2%
Span  > 97%
Connector  BNC
Cable Length  1 meter
Diameter  12mm
Length  150mm
Reference  Refillable
Junction Number  Single (1)
Junction Material  Ceramic Frit
Reference Solution  3.5 M KCl/AgCl (liquid)
Glass Shape  Bulb
Body Material  Glass
Temperature Range  0-60° C
Warranty  One year limited warranty
Item Product Description pH Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Single junction, refillable glass body pH Electrode 0 - 14 Each
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