Sensorex pH 2200 Spear Tip pH Sensor

Looking to measure the pH of soil, meet, or cheese? A standard pH sensor with bulb shaped glass won't effectively pierced the surface of these semi solids; the pH glass may even crack. The Sensorex pH 2200 Spear Tip pH Sensor Is specially designed to penetrate semi solid surface is for affective pH measurement period the sensor is assembled with a bio friendly Ultem® body, making it safe for use in food and soil. Use this durable pH sensor at home or in the field with any pH meter accepting a BNC connector.

Key Features

  • Instantly ready for use
  • Rugged spear tip measurement surface for piercing semi-solids
  • Bio-friendly Ultem® body for safe measurements in food and soil
  • Long-lasting with built-in protection against protein contamination
  • No refilling or maintenance required
  • One-year limited warranty

Specifications for Sensorex pH2200 Spear Tip pH Sensor
Measurement Range  0-14 pH (low NA+ ion error)
Temperature Range  0-80° C
Response Time  90% or greater in 5-7 seconds
Isopotential  7.00 pH
Offset  0.2%
Span  > 97%
Connector  BNC
Cable Length  1 meter
Warranty  One year limited warranty
Dimensions  150mm H × 12mm Dia
Weight  0.22 lbs
Item Product Description pH Range Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Double junction, sealed Ultem pH electrode with spear tip for food & soil application 0 - 14 Each
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