SensoLab Total Dissolved Solids Benchtop Meter

The SensoLab Series Total Dissolved Solids Benchtop Meter is an easy-to-use benchtop meter for analyzing conductivity or total dissolved solids in laboratory samples. Monitor data from conductivity sensors in research, hydroponics and greenhouses, aquariums and agriculture, and more.

Ready-to-use right away, this TDS meter quickly prompts users through the calibration process. Suitable for measurements in a wide range of sample types, the SensoLab Total Dissolved Solids Meter is compatible with sensors across 4 cell constants. With intelligent auto-ranging, the meter automatically selects the best units of conductivity based on the sample type being measured. No experience required.

Key Features

  • Measure Conductivity or TDS & Temperature
  • Compatible with Sensorex CS150 conductivity sensors
  • Auto ranging for ease of use
  • Suitable for a range of sample types, cell constants
  • Sleek, small footprint design saves bench space
  • Waterproof case
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation

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CM1000 Conductivity Meter Each
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