Scilogex Digital Overhead Stirrers

Scilogex Overhead Stirrers are available in 20L and 40L capacities and utilize analog speed control with a dial. The stirrers have a high torque for viscous medium stirring, and over torque protection that automatically stops the motor to prevent damage to the instrument. The large chuck diameter allows for many shaft types, and the push-through string shaft makes vessels easy to replace.Two models are available:

The S models feature an LED display of actual speed, while the Pro models have an LCD screen that displays set/actual speeds and torque.

Key Features

  • LCD displays set/actual speeds, and torque (Pro Models)
  • LED displays actual speed of analog control (S Models)
  • Accurate microprocessor stirring speed control (Pro models)
  • Anti-spill microprocessor slow start-up control (Pro Models)
  • PC control via RS232 interface (Pro Models)
  • High torque for viscous medium stirring
  • Over torque protection automatically stops the motor
  • A through-shaft design allows for easy adjustment of the impeller position
  • Large chuck diameter for many shaft types
  • Pass through stirrer rods accepted

Item Capacity- L Display Max. Torque Max. Viscosity Model Unit of Measure Price Purchase
20 LED 40 Ncm 10000 mPas S Each
Call for Availability In Stock
40 LCD 60 Ncm 50000 mPas Pro Each
Call for Availability In Stock
20 LCD 40 Ncm 10000 mPas Pro Each
Call for Availability In Stock
40 LED 60 Ncm 50000 mPas S Each
Call for Availability In Stock

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