Sartorius Vivaspin®reg; Turbo 15RC Centrifugal Concentrators

Sartorius Vivaspin® Turbo 15RC Centrifugal Concentrators offer the optimal choice for maximum concentration or buffer exchange applications, with their broad range of MCWOs and market unique membrane choice of RC and PES membrane.

The Vivaspin Turbo 15RC concentrators are Regenerated Cellulose Concentrators with the highest flow rates on the market due to their large, twin vertical membranes and sleek internal profile, which minimize protein polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane and ensures maximum process speeds right down to the last 100µL. In a single spin, 15mL solitons can be concentrated up to 150X. Samples can be typically concentrated in 5-20 minutes with macromolecular recoveries in excess of 90%.

The Vivaspin Turbo devices are the only concentrators in this volume range to offer both PES and RC membrane types. Regenerated Cellulose membranes are preferred for general sample types, due to their low fouling characteristics, exceptional flux, neutral membrane charge, and broad chemical compatibility. The optimized design and sleek internal profile ensure maximum process speeds. The UV and ultrasonic joining technologies allow for a smooth joint transition between membrane and plastic housing, allowing all the valuable sample to be collected into the unique pipette friendly dead stop pocket.

Key Features

  • Unique optimal membrane choice (PES and RC)
  • Complete recoveries
  • Fastest concentrations
  • Highest chemical resistance
  • Easy retentate collection
  • Graduated and markable

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