DWK Life Sciences Wheaton MICROLITER BlueMAG Screw Caps

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DWK Life Sciences Wheaton®MICROLITER® BlueMAG™ Screw Caps are polymer-magnetic hybrid caps designed to address the robustness issues found with either all metal 18 mm caps for headspace analysis or caps with ferrous “metal washers” atop the cap commonly found in the 9 mm size. MicroLiter BlueMAG Screw caps feature an innovative crimped surface feature which provides both a flat, squared surface with respect to the machine automatic magnetic geometry as well as extra ferrous mass to ensure even the largest headspace vial, filled with lead shot, can be confidently and securely transported. MicroLiter BlueMAG screw caps also eliminate the “glass-to-metal” grinding and provide added assurance against breakage and confidence of use in automated sample transport systems.

These screw caps employ traditional knurling grip features and the crimped edge of the cap’s metal top offers additional gripping points and contrasts nicely with the softer polymer, so users are assured of correct cap orientation and less grip fatigue. They are available in the same 18 mm headspace septa configurations used today including SPME analysis as well as the ever popular 9mm screw caps. The caps are compatible with all major brands of Autosamplers, X-Y-Z Robotics used in GC-MS or LC-MS applications.

Key Features

  • Designed for automated GC, GC-MS, and LC-MS chromatography magnetic transport systems
  • Perfect fit for headspace sampling techniques to 130°C
  • Offering an innovative built-in steel overlay on the outside of the polypropylene screw closure
  • Steel overlay provides added assurance and ease of use in automated sample transport systems
  • Available in 18 mm or 9 mm
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Cat # Cap Size Cap Liner Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
18 mm White Silicone / Blue PTFE Microcenter SPME
  • $65.95
18 mm white Silicone / Natural PTFE; 0.125"
  • $83.95
18 mm Blue Butyl / Natural PTFE: 0.125"
  • $85.95
18 mm Trans Blue Silicone / White PTFE; 0.070"
  • $76.95
18 mm White Silicone / Blue PTFE: 0.060"
  • $62.95
18 mm White Silicone / Red PTFE; 0.075"
  • $65.95
18 mm Red Rubber / Natural PTFE; 0.065"
  • $85.95
9 mm White Silicone / Red PTFE; 0.040"
  • $50.95
9 mm White Silicone / Red PTFE; 0.040"; single slit
  • $53.95
9 mm White Silicone / Red PTFE / White Silicone: 0.040"
  • $53.95
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