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Pyrex Crystallizing Dishes

From $87.95

These PYREX® Crystallizing Dishes, made of Borosilicate Glass 7740, are an ideal glass for laboratory use and are temperature and chemical resistant. The glass adheres to the ASTM E438 Standard Specification for Glasses in Laboratory Apparatus. The reinforced rims reduce chipping and other imperfections, manufactured with heavy walls made possible by the glass having a low coefficient of expansion. This coefficient makes the glass extremely durable, with a thermal shock resistance of up to 160°C  for 3.2 mm thick dishes. The glass also withstands high temperatures, with a thermal stress resistance of up to 54°C. 

With a capacity of up to 2500 mL, Pyrex dishes withstand sterilization (wet or dry) and are perfect for storage and crystallization.

Key Features

  • 180 mL, 740 mL, 1200 mL, and 2500 mL capacities
  • Made of durable Borosilicate Glass 7740
  • Thermal shock resistant with low coefficient of expansion
  • Reinforced rims without high thermal stress

Specifications for PYREX® Crystallizing Dishes
Model #: 3140-80 3140-125 3140-150 3140-190
Dish Style: Crystalizing
Top Style: Heavy Duty Rim
Feature: Reusable
Diameter (approx. mm): 80 125 150 190
Height (approx. mm): 40 65 75 100
Capacity (mL): 180 740 1200 2500

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Cat # Capacity- mL Size- mm Units Of Measure Availability Price Quantity
180 80 x 40
  • $87.95
740 125 x 65
  • $146.95
1200 150 x 75
  • $193.95
2500 190 x 100
  • $138.95
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