Powerpette Pro Pipette Filler

The Powerpette Pro Pipette Controller fits the hand comfortably with the pipet holder at an angle, ideal for use within a laminar flow or microbiological safety cabinet. The controller delivers an efficient performance with a powerful yet quiet motor to speed up large volume pipetting.

The Powerpette mode-selection switch enables selection of high or low modes, both allowing variable aspirate and dispense speeds (with blow out). The gravity dispense mode is dispense mode is designed for use "to deliver" TD pipet. The speed of suction and dispensing is controlled through the concave finger triggers, designed to provide a comfortable and positive grip requiring minimal effort. Suitable for all types of pipets 1-100 mL. Fills a 25mL pipet in under three seconds on the fastest setting. The pipet filler can be recharged during use or while housed, with or without the pipet attached. It is supplied with a stand that can be used to hold the Powerpette Pro either on the bench or on the wall.

Unit is fitted with a 0.45µm filter. Also supplied with manufacturer's three-year warranty, one 0.45µm and one 0.20µm hydrophobic filter, charger, and bench stand.

Key Feature

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design for extended use
  • Equipped with powerful and quiet motor
  • Multiple operation modes enable a wide variety of liquid handling applications
  • Suitable for all types of pipets 1-100 mL

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Sterile Hydrophobic Filter; 0.2µm for Powerpette Pro Each
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