Polypropylene Pipette Tips

MLA Polypropylene Pipette Tips help maximize MLA® pipette performance, with a variety of ergonomically sized tips that completely seal around the nozzle upon insertion, without altering the specific air specifications in a given pipette.

VistaLab Technologies is one of the more recognized and respected manufacturer of liquid handling products. MLA® pipettes and the highly variable, pyrogen-free and trace metal certified tips continue this tradition.

These tips do not follow the universal model for other tips—which is “one size fits all”. Universally sized tips often require excessive force to acquire or remove a tip, but VistaLab Technologies pipette tips are specifically constructed from the nozzle insertion to the ejector gap and seal area.

Whether the pipette tips needed must be sterile, pyrogen-free, RNase/DNase certified, trace metal certified, or filtered, there’s a genuine tip within the pipettes specific parameters that VistaLab can offer.

Key Features

  • Number 5 recyclable polypropylene tips
  • Color-coded labeling not to confuse accompanying MLA® pipette
  • Multiple packaging styles
  • “Pyrogen-Free” tips are certified with an endotoxin level ≥ 0.06EU/mL

Item Volume Type Attribute Description Unit of Measure Price Purchase
2 to 10µl, 2 to 10µl Ultra-Micro (200/5) Stacking Trays (Tips/Trays) Pack of 1000
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