Pinnacle Combination pH Electrodes

These Nova Analytics Pinnacle Combination pH Electrodes contain a Pinnacle pH electrode and a reference electrode in one unit. They are available with a glass body or epoxy body. Most glass and epoxy body combination electrodes may be used with Tris buffers.

The 3-in1 combination electrodes contain a temperature sensor in the body of a combination Pinnacle electrode. Temperature compensated readings can be made with a single probe. Micro electrodes give a quick stable response in a very small amount of sample in a test tube or other small container.

Refillable or gel filled electrodes are available. Many refillable epoxy electrodes have the patented replaceable junction which allows the user to replace a clogged or contaminated junction at a fraction of the cost for a new electrode. Gel filled electrodes require less maintenance and are less expensive than refillable electrodes.

Key Features

  • Combination electrodes
  • 3-in-1 with temperature sensor
  • Quick, stable response

Item Attribute Description Body Junction Reference Unit of Measure Price Purchase
Combination; General Purpose Epoxy Replaceable Ceramic Ag Ion Barrier Case of 1
In Stock
Combination; 3-in-1 Refillable Epoxy Replaceable Ceramic Ag Ion Barrier Case of 1
In Stock

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