pH Electrodes

3-in-1 pH/Temperature Electrodes offer pH measurement and temperature measurement with one probe. They are available with gel-filled or refillable reference. These electrodes are for use with any Orion A plus series benchtop pH meter.

Economy combination electrodes offer reliable, accurate performance for general lab applications. Choose electrodes with plastic, epoxy or glass bodies, fixed or removable bulb guards, and refillable or gel-filled references.

Specialty electrodes are designed for specific applications. Semi-micro electrodes (EF1263E) have a narrow diameter and are ideal for measuring pH in tubes, vials or other small containers. Flat  tip electrodes (EF1263D) have a flat measuring surface and are ideal for measuring pH of gels, agars, etc. Spear tip electrodes (EF1263A) are for semi-solid samples.

Tris-compatible electrodes can be used to measure pH in samples containing Tris buffer. Double junction electrodes with KCl internal reference eliminate problems of Ag interaction with the sample.

All Daigger electrodes are furnished with 3 foot cable, BNC connector and are shipped with a soaker bottle. They offer a six month warranty.

Key Features

  • Available Gel-filled or refillable
  • Reliable
  • Accurate

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